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Micro Cleaning

Micro Cleaning or Chaining

Micro cleaning is the next level of pipe cleaning. Traditional pipe cleaning uses a cutting action to tear through the clog. Leaving some build up behind eventually flushing down the pipe with usage. Hydro Jetting uses high powered water pressure to bust through clogs and clean debris from inside of drain system. Micro Cleaning is the ultimate pipe cleaning. Variable speed cutting head deroots, descales and flushes the debris down the pipe simultaneously leaving an almost new pipe. This technology micro cleaning the most advance pipe cleaning system on the market.

Our Procedure for Micro Cleaning

We use three easy steps to perform a micro cleaning.

1. Pipe inspection. We use the camera on the inside the pipe to identify if this solution is right for you. Using the camera allows us to identify any damaged or areas that need extra attention. Sometimes it necessary to do a cleaning first if the pipe is clogged so we can use the camera for a better assessment. 

2. The Micro Cleaning. Once the assessment is completed the technician will run the variable speed cleaning head into the pipe. This procedure may take several times for a through cleaning and descaling of surfaces. We want the inside of the pipe free of corrosion and debris. 


3. Inspection. It's not enough for us to camera the drain once, we do a second camera inspection to make sure the all the debris inside the pipe is gone. We want to ensure the pipe is cleaned thoroughly and all the debris is removed. Leaving a smooth interior surface so water can freely flow down at maximum capacity.


Have a clogged sewer pipe? Contact Us we will recommend which service is right for you. 

Micro Cleaning helps prevent future plumbing problems. Keeping drains clear from obstructions means your drains will last longer and they will remain in good condition without excessive maintenance cost. Replacing drains and pipes can be quite costly and messy.

Whether you are trying to prevent future plumbing problems or in need of correcting a current clog. We have your solution. 


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